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Their fur is fluffy, they look mischievous, their posture is graceful and their nature is very endearing. It’s no wonder that llamas have become a popular companion for humans. During your llama trekking tour to the Ried Glacier and back, you will get a lot closer to these friendly South American animals – and you will learn a lot more about them before and during your trek. You can pack your snacks for the picnic and the rest of your luggage on these friendly pack animals, which gives you a free hand to lead the llamas on the trekking tour to the valley glacier and back.

Lead the way for your fluffy companion!

  • Trekking tour with llamas
  • Information about llamas
  • Getting to know and caring for the animals
  • Luggage loading
  • Hiking with the llamas to the Ried Glacier
  • Leading the llamas by the lead
  • Picnic lunch

The food for the picnic has to be brought by each participant.

This offer is provided in cooperation with Jochen Schweizer.

  More information at jochen-schweizer.de

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