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Whether you’re popping a bottle of champagne to celebrate a birthday or the cap off a beer while sitting around a bonfire, drinking has a unique way of bringing people together.

This revelation is what led Carlos Soto to start Nosotros Tequila: A fresh outlook on a 300-year-old product that’s all about creating new experiences with those around you. So, clear your liquor cabinets and your calendars because Nosotros Tequila’s story is all about helping you write your own.


Nosotros got its start in 2015 while Soto was finishing up his degree in Los Angeles. He was tasked with creating a business idea unrelated to technology. Settling for a passing grade and a job back home in Costa Rica would’ve been the easy decision, but Soto decided to pursue his vision, and booked a flight to Jalisco, Mexico—leaving his original career plan behind.

Soto knew that being successful at anything takes time, determination, and dedication. He realized that if he was going to pour his heart into something, he’d rather pour it into something of his own making. He explained, “the idea for me was having the freedom of doing it on my own terms. Knowing if I fail, it’s because of my decisions, not because someone else imposed something on me.”

In the early days of Nosotros, Soto faced opposition from all ends of the spectrum. Friends and family questioned his decision to go all in on something with such little capital, and being an immigrant new to LA presented learning curves of its own. Not to mention, Soto was a small fish competing in a sea of well-established brands and big-box retailers. “There are a lot of struggles that come with starting any business of any sort” Soto explained, “but we kept our heads down and focused on what we knew, which was our craft.” This perseverance and meticulous attention to detail led to a tequila unlike anything that came before it. 

Similar to the way wines were traditionally limited to grapes of individual regions, tequila has been produced the same way for centuries. Soto decided to shake up its 300-year-old recipe by blending agave from both the Highlands and the Lowlands of Mexico—uniting two different worlds in the same bottle. It's also aged in French oak barrels as opposed to American oak. This combination gives Nosotros a unique flavor that starts sweet but finishes on a peppery note—while most tequilas incorporate just one of those flavor profiles. Pro tip: Carlos suggests you ditch the salt and lime and try cinnamon and an orange with Nosotros!

At one point during those early days, Soto was left with only $2k in the bank and the need for a big break when he entered Nosotros in one of the nation's largest spirit competitions. Its distinctive flavor took home "Best Tequila in Show," surpassing the industry’s biggest brands. This was a turning point for the brand. Fast forward five years and Nosotros has garnered attention from bars, retailers, tequila-drinkers, and competitors alike. At just 26, Carlos found himself manning a rapidly growing business—with no plans of slowing down. 

Whether it’s merging something historically "old school" with the 21st century or Mexico’s heritage with the beach cities of SoCal, the idea of unity exists in every aspect of the brand. While blending two different flavor profiles is what kicked off the company’s success – Soto believes Nosotros is so much more than that. “Every time you open up a bottle, you’re trying to experience something with someone...That’s our mission as a company; to produce something that will bring people together.”

The experience of cracking open and enjoying a drink with someone is a very powerful thing. Every Nosotros bottle is a story waiting to be written, and it's Soto's mission to give everyone a shot.


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