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While you wait for your coffee to cool and watch your Tuesday emails barrel in, Clair Marie peers down at the ground from the top of a 4,000-foot cliff.

She fastens her parachute, sprints towards the edge, and leaps into the empty sky. As one of the world’s most exhilarating sports, BASE jumping provides a rush unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. But to Marie, that’s just…Tuesday.

Whether she’s rolling out of an airplane, racing down a mountain, or rappelling off a cliff, Marie’s drive for new adventures has led her down a thrilling path few are brave enough to experience. “I’m always searching out unique opportunities and activities that allow me to progress, learn, and grow,” explains Marie. One activity that piqued her interest early on was BASE jumping, despite societal norms at the time.

Her first BASE jump was just a testament to her daring determination. It was 10:00 pm on a moonless night when she met her instructor for her inaugural jump. The moment she leaped off the 480-foot power tower, she became the world’s youngest BASE jumper, and one of the first females to ever jump. From that moment forward, she knew she had a serious passion to pursue.

Although BASE jumping is one of the world’s most thrilling sports, much of Marie’s fearlessness stemmed from overcoming cultural and societal hurdles. “The male to female ratio was very, very skewed…but it wasn’t something I focused on. I was going to do what I wanted regardless if I was one of the only females.” Over a decade later, Marie has crushed all expectations. She’s established herself as a top athlete in the sport, with successful careers in a handful of other adventure sports.

There isn’t a mountain, MPH, or maneuver that intimidates Marie. “I want to get as much out of life as I possibly can. If that means picking up 12 different sports rather than focusing on one, then I’m totally down.” Today, Marie is proud to call herself a professional BASE jumper, mountain bike racer, rock climber, skydiver, stuntwoman, accelerated free fall instructor, and much more.

Taking her pursuit of adventure (and multiple athletic careers) to the next level, Marie decided to sell her belongings and leave her home-base behind six years ago. She now lives out of her van, always ready for the next tournament, competition, or gig.

She doesn’t have many possessions outside of her gear, so it’s easy for her to pick up and go at any given time. “Being able to travel at a moment’s notice is extremely freeing…I’ve reached a point where I’ve given each sport enough time and dedication that I participate in all of them simultaneously.” While most find security in routine, Marie thrives in spontaneity and revels in living life on her terms.


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