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Iced coffee in hand, notebook in the other, Sarah Slaughter wraps up her busiest nights around 5ish…in the morning. But a 16-hour day is nothing when you’re as fiercely passionate about your job as she is.

Slaughter is flown from coast to coast for her badass, disruptive perspective that has taken her male-dominated industry by storm. Unamused by the status quo, she has successfully produced cultural experiences for some of the world’s largest brands that are bold, unexpected, and rebellious.

Slaughter may have graduated from college and secured a solid corporate job, but that didn’t quite ladder up to her undeniable creative potential—and she was hungry for more.

All her life, Slaughter has been passionate about skateboarding and punk rock music. As a woman involved in these male-dominated categories, she realized that changing herself and suppressing her passions to fit in wasn’t going to benefit her, or further her career in any way. So, she unapologetically went to the punk shows, shredded the skateparks alongside guys, and eventually built a career around it all.

“Stick with who you are and what you’re interested in. Don’t be pushed in or out of things based on what seems normal or what society expects of you,” explains Slaughter. This has been key in establishing herself among industries overshadowed by men.

Event planning was always in the cards for Slaughter. Whether it was corporate events, weddings, or birthday parties, she constantly found herself circling back to this field—and she was good at what she did. But the thing is, weddings and birthday parties didn’t quite fuel her fire enough. It wasn’t until she worked on one eye-opening event that her career path changed entirely.

Slaughter was working a job in the music industry when she was brought on to help produce a massive street-art and graffiti show—something she didn’t even know existed at the time. She joined a small team of women, which presented many challenges in itself. “The odds were definitely against us…but as women, we're bred to problem-solve,” Slaughter stated. “From my experience of working with women, things just get done.” She loved working with people who pushed themselves solely for the love of what they were doing. She and her bold, women-led team worked long days and even longer nights to pull off a remarkable show. From that point on, Slaughter’s world has begun where art, music, and action sports meet.

Over a decade later, she’s worked on numerous mind-blowing events, paving the way for women in her industry. While no two days or events are the same, all her work falls within her passionate lanes of punk rock, rock & roll, roller skating, skateboarding, and street-art culture. She produces art shows, launches, and brand events that have included anything from low-rider car shows and skateboarding showcases, to pop-up tattoo and merch shops. One of her biggest shows involved over 40,000 square feet of exhibition space, where she was in charge of sourcing artists, installation, permit logistics, merchandising, as well as the launch of the event.

“Women have always had to work a little bit longer, a little bit harder, or a little bit later to earn our place and respect from everyone. Production is a good place to thrive in all that, because if you don’t, then you’ll fail.”


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