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They call Houston “The City Without Limits.” Geographically, it seems to check out. At 1,777 square miles, all of Harris County, which includes Houston and its suburbs, is bigger than the entire state of Rhode Island. But we’re not just talking about terrain. To many, even those who grew up here, Houston has been shifting that local culture into something more unique.

While no one was looking, Houston had been developing its own culture in small explosions, from art to music and dining to technology. There's a confluence of diverse nationalities all pouring into each other to make something out of a blank slate. This isn’t a city coming into its own. This is a city’s culture growing into it’s own.

As Houston grows up, it also grows out, which leaves little time to slow down or stop if you want to take it all in. With VELO in your bag, you can get in on the ground floor of a city that’s booming every which way. With no smoke or hassle, VELO nicotine pouches let you go virtually anywhere.

You can’t talk about Houston without touching on its culinary scene, and the first place to start is getting your hands messy with a thick, juicy, dripping brisket. Barbecue is king here, smokehouses aren't the only places you'll find a legendary meal in. No matter where you are, you've got the flavors of the entire world just a short drive away. Our cuisine isn't any one thing; it’s Vietnamese meets Southern Comfort, West African meets a Gulf Coast catch, Pakistani meets Cajun fare. We don’t do fusion for fusion’s sake; in a city where “super” neighborhoods and cultures melt into each other, culinary creativity is endless.

We've got two types of masters here: pit masters and master chefs. Houston is a magnet for award-winning chefs who have come here to add to the city's flavor. With 10,000 restaurants to visit, going hungry isn’t really an option. If you’re one who likes to dive into a range of flavors, this place – and VELO – is for you.

Whereas other major cities have reputations to uphold, Houston does not. That may be, perhaps, why its arts scene is thriving. With over 150 museums and cultural institutions, you’d need a few weeks to truly immerse yourself in all its galleries and exhibitions. The Museum District has so much to explore within one walkable neighborhood, from African-American history to contemporary art, and Asian culture to natural science, but there's way more to explore once you hop in your car.

Look around the corners of strip malls and warehouses to find public installations and vibrant murals that reflect the true heart of the city and the transplants who now call it home. Creatives are moving (and staying) here because they've found the freedom and space to explore who they are, and are leaving an indelible mark on a place that’s long been a hidden hotbed for musical talent, art and more.

In Houston, borders are fluid and boundaries don’t exist. It may be lassoed by a 42-mile loop, but this isn't a fence. It's a terrestrial milky way that circulates the city's energy all around, but don't forget to look up. Houston is, after all, the hub of human space exploration, the home of NASA’s Johnson Space Center where some of the world’s greatest adventures blast off. While most of us may not make it past the ozone layer, we can make it past our own limits. In a place like Houston, there's enough space for everyone to get in on the cultural ground floor, and when you've got VELO in your pocket, there's nothing to hold you back.