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VELO Road Trip Beyond Boundaries - San Diego

San Diego is the kind of place that takes your breath away, with 70 miles of golden coast, diverse neighborhoods and beach towns that define that quintessential California cool. The only way to describe the weather is perfect, which means the best place to be year-round is outside. This is paradise for all kinds of seekers: sun, adventure, food, life. Surfing, hiking, sailing – there is no shortage of ways to get moving. As they say, the early bird always catches the wave.


Here, we start our day with a splash of salt. If you’re new to San Diego, head over to Pacific Beach, where soft waves slap your ankles and the whitewash carries you through. When you’re ready to ride or just spectate, make your way to the Lower Trestles (or Lowers, as they’re known). This is where surf legends are born. Join the lineup and wait to catch a wave – it’s a completely stunning experience.  But no matter who you ask, the star of the show is La Jolla, San Diego’s crown jewel – and we’re not just talking about surfing. Rock caves, tide pools, beautiful people and stunning views – standing here as you watch the sun rise behind you or set on the horizon is sure to make you feel infinite.

Living here may be laid back, but every day is an invitation to stay active, and with VELO in your pocket, you can soak up everything San Diego has to offer. With no smoke or mess, VELO nicotine pouches are ready for all-out adventure at the drop of a hat. And when you’re in ‘America’s Finest City,’ every moment is a chance to move Beyond Boundaries.

VELO Nicotine Pouches

After taking in waves and views, you’re bound to work up an appetite. San Diego’s food scene flourishes. Sure, it has its fair share of top chefs and world-class bars and eateries– just a short stroll through Little Italy will have your mouth watering - but it’s the Baja-Cali cuisine that steals the show. This is our native fare. When the rich flavors of Mexico meet California’s fresh ingredients, you get dishes that reinvigorate your body and soul.

Don’t leave without trying our city’s signature dish: the legendary Fish Taco. Sure, it’s as simple as a fried fish and a tortilla, but there’s a delicacy to the way it’s freshly caught, battered, fried and dressed that makes it better here than anywhere else. In San Diego, everyone can be their own angler and chef, just pop in VELO and head into one of our local fisheries to ask for the catch of the day. We’ve got Mexico on one side and the great Pacific Ocean on the other, so throw some spices and seasoning onto a tuna steak or yellow tail (both San Diego natives), slap it onto a grill and enjoy a bite of the Golden State.

VELO Nicotine Pouches Citrus Burst

It’s not all surf and turf here, though. With nine distinct arts districts, it’s safe to say our creative scene is thriving. We have more museums than you can get through in a day, independent galleries spread throughout the county and public art installations and murals that put the ethos of every neighborhood on display. With such strong ties to Mexico, it’s no surprise that clay artists and potters flock here. It's as though there’s a pottery studio around every corner, so everyone’s welcome to pick up a slab of clay, throw it onto a wheel and see what they can do. With VELO, there’s no need to pause the flow. Just let California’s creative wave take you away.

To assign San Diego a cliché would be unfair. The neighborhoods are so unique. Beach towns like Ocean Beach and Point Loma bleed into upper scale communities like La Jolla along the coast; hip and independent eateries, breweries and bars abound in the Inland neighborhoods of North Park, South Park and Normal Heights; and Downtown’s Gaslamp quarter and Hillcrest Heights just beg to be walked through and explored. It’s no wonder people come to San Diego for a minute, but end up staying (or wishing they stayed) for a while. It’s the kind of place that makes you feel at home, and with VELO in your pocket, you can go as far as the waves will take you.