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Chewing Bags vs. VELO: The Differences

Chewing Bags vs. VELO: The Differences

Chewing Bags vs. VELO: The Differences

Our VELO Nicotine Pouches are still referred to as Chewing Bags or Chewing Tobacco by many of you. However, you should be aware that VELO nicotine pouches are not chewing tobacco. We have outlined the specifics for you so that you are aware of all the differences in the future.

What is Chewing Tobacco?

The question of what chewing tobacco is comes before we describe what chewing bags are. Oral tobacco is another name for chewing tobacco. To make chewing tobacco, the leaves of the tobacco plant are air-dried, fermented, and then cut into bite-sized strands or strips in the traditional fashion. Lastly, tastes can be added. To use, place a few strands in the cheek pocket to let the chewing tobacco work its effect. Chewing tobacco, as the name implies, is chewed on when the nicotine or flavor decreases. When chewing chewing tobacco, the juice generated is spit out. It must not be swallowed under any circumstances.


Chewing Bags: Chewing tobacco in sachets

Chewing bags, unlike traditional chewing tobacco, are packaged in compact bags. Before using, they are lightly chewed and then inserted between the gums and upper lip. If the effect of the ingredients begins to fade, the pouch is slightly chewed on again. It is sufficient to apply gentle pressure with the teeth. After around 30 minutes, the Chewing Bags should be disposed.

Is VELO chewing tobacco?

VELO is not chewing tobacco and should not be referred to as such. The main distinction is that VELO Nicotine Pouches are tobacco-free. It only requires nicotine, plant fibers, water, and flavorings. Furthermore, VELO is not chewed unlike chewing tobacco. As a result, the application should not be misunderstood.

Differences between Chewing Bags and VELO

Chewing Bags


Contain finely chopped tobacco

Contains no tobacco

Easily chewed on

Is not chewed on

Placed under the upper lip or in the cheek pocket

Placed under the upper lip

Similarities between Chewing Bags and VELO

• are packed in small portions

• the pouches contain nicotine

• Enjoyment for up to 30 minutes

• smoke-free alternatives to cigarettes

• come in a variety of nicotine strengths and flavors

Chewing Bags are not snus

Chewing bags aren't the same as snus. While tobacco is packaged as finely chopped leaves in chewing bags, ground tobacco is utilized in snus.

But, returning to VELO, our pouches do not contain tobacco. However, as an alternative to cigarettes, we have a modern tobacco substitute that comes in a variety of nicotine levels and flavors. You get to choose how strong you want the tingling to be. Whether it's VELO Berry Frost EASY or VELO Freeze, the nicotine is on the way with every pouch!

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