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Nicotine content and strength

Nicotine content and strength
Nicotine content and strength

Nicotine content and strength

What is the strength of our VELO Nicotine Pouches? The nicotine content and the perceived intensity are not the same. That doesn't make things any easier. As a result, we'd want to go over the differences with you. Find out which pouches are right for you.

The difference between nicotine content and Strength

Before you dive into our various pouches, keep in mind that we distinguish between nicotine content and nicotine strength. The nicotine content of a pouch reflects how much nicotine is actually present in it. Nicotine strength, on the other hand, refers to the subjectively felt effect. As a result, you may find a pouch to be extremely intense, while others may consider it to be light. The way you perceive VELO's strength is influenced by a number of factors.


Nicotine strength matters

Please do not judge your pouches solely on the basis of their nicotine content.

The nicotine strength you feel is not the same as the pure nicotine content. The intensity of a pouch is also determined by the taste. It has an impact on how strongly you are affected by variety. However, it doesn’t mean that you perceive berry notes to be milder than other flavors. The perceived strength comes down to various factors and varies greatly from person to person. Also, the amount of saliva in your mouth can impact the level of nicotine you perceive. As a result, the pure nicotine content is not just important.

How much nicotine is in VELO?

VELO is tobacco-free, however it does contain nicotine. This is a substance extracted from the tobacco plant. The nicotine dosage of our tobacco substitute varies between 4 and 20 milligrams per pouch. The intensity is indicated by a little scale on the can and the exact dosage is indicated underneath the can in the product description. The darker the spots, the stronger the pouches. However, keep in mind that the overall experience determines the intensity.

What nicotine content for switchers?

New nicotine pouches users will benefit from our pouches with the lowest nicotine content. SPIFFY SPEARMINT MINI gives you a fresh push. The cooling mint causes a tingling feeling in the mouth. ICY BERRIES MINI is a fruity option if you desire it. A nice taste prevails in the tongue from the combination of refreshingly fresh mint and sweet wild berries.

What nicotine content for regular users?

For regular users PEPPERMINT STORM is ideal. The high nicotine content allows for a powerful push. You won't find the nicotine strength of this pouch to be too weak when combined with icy-cool peppermint. We propose MIGHTY PEPPERMINT as the strongest but safe proposition in our brand.

What to look for: nicotine content or nicotine strength?

We recommend that you should not place too much emphasis on the nicotine content. Instead, you can rely on our nicotine strength information, which is indicated on the can by a point system. The pouch becomes stronger as more dots are colored (1 to 6 dots). Alternatively, you can read the product descriptions. If you choose a pouch marked "STRONG," it will be stronger than "EASY" but not as strong as "Ultra." The VELO X-Freeze Max nicotine pouches are the strongest proposition.

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