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VELO, an alternative to snus

VELO, an alternative to snus
A box of VELO nicotine pouches in a person's hand

VELO, an alternative to snus

With so many different products for consuming nicotine orally, it can be difficult to choose the product that's right for you and to understand the differences. Snus is a popular product that allows you to consume nicotine and tobacco, but isn't there an alternative to it?

In this article, we help you understand the characteristics of snus and introduce you to VELO, our all white nicotine pouches, which are an alternative to snus and a modern way to consume nicotine.

What is snus?

Snus is a smokeless tobacco product that originated in Sweden. It consists of moist, finely ground tobacco that is typically placed under the upper lip, where it is held in place and slowly releases nicotine into the bloodstream.

Snus contains nicotine which means it is addictive. Snus comes in various forms including pre-moulded portions, prepacked pouches and as a loose powder that the user forms into portions.

As snus contains nicotine, you can expect to experience all the effects of nicotine. Of course, nicotine is highly addictive.

Is snus legal in Switzerland?

Since May 2019, the sale and consumption of snus has been legal in Switzerland. This has been made possible thanks to a ruling of the Swiss Federal Court.

Prior to this decision in 2019, the commercial distribution of snus was prohibited and only snus for personal consumption could be imported into Switzerland.

What is VELO?

VELO is an oral nicotine product. Invented in Scandinavia, it’s a handy pouch containing nicotine and high-quality ingredients. VELO is also an alternative to snus because it does not contain tobacco*.

VELO comes in four nicotine strengths and nine flavours and is designed to be used anytime, anywhere. You simply tuck the VELO pouch between your upper lip and gum.

Why VELO is a snus alternative?

Nicotine pouches and snus are both smokeless nicotine products. However, there are some key differences between the two products that make VELO nicotine pouches an alternative to snus.

  • VELO Nicotine pouches do not contain tobacco*.
  • VELO Nicotine pouches have a longer shelf life than snus. This is because they do not contain any plant matter, which can spoil over time.
  • VELO Nicotine pouches come in a variety of flavours and nicotine strengths. This makes them more diverse than snus, which typically only comes in a few flavours.

If you are looking for a tobacco-free* alternative to snus, VELO nicotine pouches are an option. Don't hesitate to check out our article on the differences between snus and nicotine pouches.

Want to try all-white nicotine pouches? Discover the VELO nicotine pouches.


**This product is not risk-free and contains nicotine, an addictive substance.


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