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Where can I buy VELO nicotine pouches?

Where can I buy VELO nicotine pouches?
Three VELO nicotine pouches can in Mighty Peppermint, Crispy Peppermint and Breezy Mango with three nicotine pouches

Where can I buy VELO nicotine pouches?

Are you an adult nicotine user looking to buy nicotine pouches? This article will tell you all you need to know about buying these products.

Criteria to consider when choosing a place to buy

If you're looking for nicotine pouches, it's important to take a number of criteria into account when choosing where to buy them. First of all, make sure that the quality of the products meets your expectations.

Nicotine pouches must be of superior quality and meet strict manufacturing and safety standards. Next, check their availability in shops or on the online site you've selected, as well as delivery times. Finally, the price is an important criterion to consider. Make sure the price of the nicotine pouches matches the quality of the product you're buying.

To sum up, when choosing where to buy nicotine pouches, you need to consider the quality of the products, their availability, delivery times and price.

Where to buy VELO nicotine pouches?

velo.com online shop

Buying from our online site is certainly the most convenient way to order your nicotine pouches. It's also the assurance of benefiting from a wide variety of products, guarantees of authenticity and numerous services, such as :

  • Free delivery from 40CHF purchase: on the official velo.com website, delivery is free from 40CHF purchase. Delivery takes 1 - 2 working days.
  • Wide choice of nicotine pouches: on the velo.com website, you'll find all the VELO nicotine pouches available for sale in Switzerland. So you have a wider choice of flavours, packet sizes and nicotine levels compared to a physical shop . You'll also find the limited editions from VELO Labs.
  • VELO ABO subscriptions: with the VELO ABO subscription, take advantage of numerous benefits and receive your nicotine pouches at home every month. Practical and economical, this subscription will bring you a host of benefits.

Kiosks, shops and tobacconists

You can also buy your nicotine pouches in kiosks and shops that normally sell tobacco products. This is a good way to see the different ranges of pouches for yourself. So you can easily find your VELO nicotine packs when you're on the move.

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