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Do VELO nicotine pouches contain tobacco?

Do VELO nicotine pouches contain tobacco?
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Do VELO nicotine pouches contain tobacco?

Small, discreet and tobacco-free* VELO nicotine pouches are different from oral tobacco products in more ways than one. But do they contain tobacco ? What ingredients they contain? ? And how are they made? We answer all these question in this article.

Is there tobacco in VELO nicotine pouches?

No, VELO nicotine pouches don’t contain tobacco*!

In fact, this is one of the main differences between VELO nicotine pouches and snus. VELO nicotine pouches are white and contain no tobacco* at all, unlike snus, which is brown and contains tobacco.

So what are the ingredients in VELO nicotine pouches?

VELO nicotine pouches ingredients

VELO nicotine pouches are made from high quality, plant-based ingredients, including pharmaceutical grade nicotine.

Nicotine pouches are made mainly of nicotine. The small bags are made from vegetable viscose fibers. They are permeable, so nicotine is released body shortly after placing a nicotine pouch under the lip. As well as nicotine, VELO pouches contain fillers, preservatives and flavorings.

All of the ingredients in our pouches have been carefully selected to help to deliver an enjoyable experience for our users. Our nicotine pouches are smoke-free and tobacco-free*. VELO is a modern way to consume nicotine, and there are a variety of flavors available to suit your preferences.

How are nicotine pouches made ?

Nicotine pouches from VELO are made in our specialist factories in Europe. VELO pouches are inspired by the laid-back Scandinavian way of life and simplicity of Scandi design and this has influenced our manufacturing process.

VELO, a tobacco-free alternative* to snus

To be clear, VELO is not Snus. In fact, VELO is a very different product.

Snus belongs to a category of traditional oral tobacco products commonly used by tobacco users in Scandinavia and the USA. Snus is typically made from air-dried tobacco.

VELO represents the next generation of oral nicotine products. Unlike snus, although VELO contains nicotine, it does not contain tobacco. VELO is a tobacco-free alternative* to Snus.

*This product is not risk-free and contains nicotine, an addictive substance.

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