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Help me find my velo

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VELO Experiences


Ideal for adult smokers or vapers just starting their VELO journey.


These are our signature products which are ideal for those who want to explore our widest range of flavours.


Offers our highest nicotine levels and new Sensates range.

Strength, size & flavours explained

There are 3 different aspects to keep in mind when choosing a VELO, Strength, Size and Flavour. VELO comes in a variety of all, from mild to x-strong, in 2 sizes (Regular and MINI) and multiple flavour profiles.


Choosing your nicotine strength is important. In Order to make the strengths easier to understand we have a simple dot system, from one to four dots, so you know which strength is right for you.

New user's should look for one dot, which has a mild nicotine strength and a subtle tingling sensation. If you are a moderate user, look for two dots and expect a medium strength. Regular users may want something stronger so look for three dots, or four if you prefer an intense strength.


When it comes to size we have 2 options: Slim and MINI. Mini is a great place to begin if you are new to nicotine pouches as its smaller pouch fits easily and comfortably under your lip. MINI comes in 2 lower nicotine strengths (1 and 2 dots).


Flavour is all about personal preference, whether you like minty or fruity, we have it all – we have a flavour to suit your every mood!

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*18+ only. This product contains nicotine and is addictive. For adult nicotine or tobacco consumers only.

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Understanding subscriptions

Start your subscription from as little as 5 cans to reach your first level of subscription.

Your subscription tier (Basic / Standard / Select) and the amount you pay per pack is dependent on the number of cans in your monthly subscription. Mix mini and slim cans to your liking.

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You need to add a minimum of any 5 flavours / strengths to qualify for basic subscription


A mix of any 5-9 mini or slim cans

£4.00/mini can £4.00 per can

Save £1.00 per can

£4.82/slim can £4.82 per can

Save £1.68 per can


A mix of any 10-14 mini or slim cans

£3.75/mini can £3.75 per can

Save £1.25 per can

£4.19/slim can £4.19 per can

Save £2.31 per can


A mix of any 15-30 mini or slim cans

£3.50/mini can £3.50 per can

Save £1.50 per can

£3.90/slim can £3.90 per can

Save £2.60 per can

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