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14. june 2022

The rules and regulations around flying with cigarettes, tobacco, and other sources of nicotine like vape pens can be confusing. In this guide, we answer some of the most common FAQs surrounding travelling with nicotine products.

Before we jump in, it’s important to point out that regulations vary substantially between countries, and airlines may have their own set of rules. Plus, guidance is regularly reviewed so we strongly recommend checking up on current rules right before travel.


Can you take nicotine pouches on a plane?

Nicotine pouches are smokeless* so there are no restrictions on taking them on board a flight. They can either be packed in your hold baggage or carried in your hand luggage. Additionally, VELO nicotine pouches are tobacco-free*, so they are not subject to any of the tobacco import restrictions listed below.

Got a flight coming up? Why not grab a free can of VELO and put smokeless*, handsfree nicotine to the test?

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Can you take cigarettes on a plane?

Cigarettes can be taken on the plane either in your hold baggage or carry-on luggage. However, most countries have limits on the quantity of tobacco products you can bring over.

For example, in the UK you can bring up to 200 cigarettes, 100 cigarillos, 50 cigars, 250g of tobacco or 200 sticks of tobacco for electronic heated tobacco devices. It's important to check each country’s tobacco import allowance. If you break the rules, you could face a hefty fine.


Can you take cigarettes in hand luggage?

You can carry cigarettes in your hand luggage. However, smoking onboard the plane has been illegal for several decades. Plus, many airports are now smoke-free.

As an example, at London Heathrow you are not permitted to smoke at any time after you've passed through security, and designated smoking areas before you enter the terminal are very limited.


Can you take a lighter on a plane?

Each air passenger is permitted to carry one lighter in their hand luggage. You can also choose a box of safety matches or a Zippo lighter instead. Your lighter should be stored in a resealable plastic bag like the ones you use for liquids. It should be kept on your person throughout the flight, not in your hand baggage.


Can you take e-cigarettes on a plane?


Regulations vary

Regulations around travelling with vaping equipment are constantly changing so it's recommended you check current rules at the time of flying. Often, you’ll also find that rules vary between airlines and airports.  To make matters more confusing, in some countries, such as Qatar, it's illegal to import e-cigarettes.

Of course, policies are constantly changing, so we always recommend keeping up to date with the rules in your destination country, as well as those put in place by your airline and any airports you’re travelling through.


The regulations below are the most common rules in the UK:


Vape pens must go in hand luggage

E-cigarettes and vape pens must be carried in your hand luggage. During security screening, they must be charged and should be placed in your one litre plastic bag, with other liquids including your toiletries.

It is not permitted to charge your e-cigarette or vaping device on board the aircraft, and most airlines recommend disconnecting them from tanks and clearomisers.

E-liquids are subject to liquid restrictions

Bottles of vape juice or e-cigarette refills can go in your hand luggage. Just like any other liquid, each container must not exceed the 100ml limit and you should put them in a single, one litre, transparent bag when passing through security.


A modern take on nicotine

VELO nicotine pouches are inspired by the Scandinavian way of life. They have been designed to be a modern take on nicotine, offering no smoke*, no smell**, no tobacco* and 99% less toxicants***. They can be consumed anytime, anywhere and leave your hands free to enjoy every adventure life has to offer.

In fact, VELO nicotine pouches all ideal for travel. They are conveniently packaged in a handy can with a built-in trash compartment and they discreetly fit under your lip. Simply tuck one between your gum and upper lip!

New to nicotine pouches? Find out everything you need to know about VELO in this handy guide.


*This product is not risk-free and contains nicotine, an addictive substance.

** Compared to a conventional cigarette when smoked. This product is not risk-free and contains nicotine, an addictive substance

***This product is not risk-free and contains nicotine, an addictive substance. Comparison based on an assessment of smoke from a scientific standard reference cigarette (approximately 9mg tar) and components released during use of a Velo pouch, in terms of the average of the 9 harmful components the World Health Organisation recommends to reduce in cigarette smoke.

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