How Scandinavia influenced nicotine pouches

23 Feb 2021

What’s the history of nicotine pouches?

Nicotine pouches have been associated with Scandinavian culture for a long time. The first product, and the origin of nicotine pouches, was nasal snuff – a form of sniffing tobacco that was originally used by native Americans to blow powdered tobacco up their nose. This soon caught on, and nasal snuff travelled across central America. By 1559, ambassador Jean Nicot brought this method of nicotine consumption to France, where it soon travelled across Europe and spread around Sweden in the 17th century.

The nasal snuff was originally consumed by putting a small amount on to the back of your hand, in between the thumb and forefinger, which was then inhaled through your nose. It was produced and used in a variety of textures, including drier versions where the tobacco was ground more finely, and other versions combined with glucose and herbs.

By the 18th century the product had adapted, and Swedish manufacturers found a way to produce an oral version that could be placed under your lip, commonly known as smokeless tobacco or ‘Snus’. It was easy to use, and a more convenient way to consume nicotine.

This new oral method typically fell into one of two categories – brown and white. The brown category has water added to it at the final stage of production, which reacts with the powdered tobacco and turns it brown. The white category doesn’t typically have water added at the final stage, so it remains dry and colourless.

In 1992, the European Union (EU) introduced a ban on Snus in Europe. Although Sweden is within the EU, Sweden was granted an exemption from the ban when it joined the bloc in 1995. The production and sale of Snus is permitted in Sweden, but it must not be sold or exported to other EU countries.

Today, the interest in this Swedish invention is still growing around the world. Its influence has spread, and multiple versions and adaptations have been created, like VELO’s nicotine pouches which unlike Snus, do not contain tobacco*, and are legal to sell in most countries in the EU.


How have previous oral nicotine products influenced VELO products?

VELO products, like those before them, are consumed orally, and they’re consumed by tucking a pouch between your upper lip and gum. It’s a hassle-free approach for long lasting nicotine enjoyment.


What Scandi influences have we used in the VELO nicotine pouches?

Most modern adaptations of the Swedish invention are still heavily influenced by the distinctive Scandi culture and design. At VELO, our nicotine pouches contain high-quality ingredients and no tobacco*, and the easy-to-use, on-the-go nature of the product still reflects the laid-back Scandi way of life and the simplistic nature of Scandi design.  


Discover more about using VELO and the key features that have been influenced by Scandi nicotine pouches.


* This quality does not necessarily mean this product is less harmful than other tobacco products.


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