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What are Nicotine Pouches?

21. february 2023

If you consume nicotine, you’ll already know you have many more product options today than even just a few years ago. One of these alternatives to conventional cigarette smoking is nicotine pouches. Consumers are choosing these for several reasons, including that they give off no smoke smell, no smoke and contain no tobacco. But just what is a nicotine pouch? And how do you use them? Let’s explore. 


How do nicotine pouches work?

The logic behind nicotine pouches is simple. Many people enjoy nicotine but are less than satisfied with the taste, smell and smoke that come with tobacco products. Meanwhile, modern consumers are looking for a way to enjoy nicotine products that’s comfortable and fits discreet under your lip, flavourful and easy to use on the go.

Nicotine pouches have been designed to address these concerns. They contain nicotine at various strength levels, but without any of the tobacco that you’ll find in cigarettes, or in similar pouch products such as Snus. That means there’s no lingering odour and no smoke given off*. Small and tucked away under the gum, you can continue going about your business while consuming nicotine. You won’t even need to step outdoors for a moment as you would if you were using other tobacco-free nicotine products, such as a vape.

So, what does a nicotine pouch do? Well, they come as small pouches that are tucked into the upper gums. Over the course of up to half an hour, they release nicotine which is then absorbed, all while giving off a tasty flavour. It’s as simple as it sounds.


What are nicotine pouches made from?

There are surprisingly few ingredients in nicotine pouches like ours. Naturally, the key ingredient in VELO pouches is nicotine, and we use a high quality, pharmaceutical-grade nicotine polymer that contains no tobacco. Plant-based materials are used to bulk the product out and make it comfortable and easy to use. Then food grade flavourings and sweeteners are added to give our product distinct and delicious flavours that consumers enjoy.


How to use nicotine pouches

What do you do with a nicotine pouch, you ask? Well, it’s surprisingly simple. Though it can seem a little unusual to do if you’re entirely new to nicotine pouches. In short, you want to tuck the pouch between your lip and gum. You’ll begin to feel a light tingle as the nicotine gets released, then simply remove whenever you’re ready, up to a maximum of 30 minutes. 

Follow these simple steps:

• Twist to open your VELO can and grab your VELO pouch

• Take a single nicotine pouch and tuck it comfortably between your upper lip and gums

• Keep the pouch in place for a while – anything up to 30 minutes

• Dispose of the pouch in a bin or discard into the cap on your VELO can once finished.

• Always read the safety information listed on the product packaging.


Tips for using nicotine pouches

As with any nicotine-containing product, it’s important to use nicotine pouches safely. Here are a few things to be aware of:

• Never use the product for longer than the recommended 30 minutes.

• Choose the right nicotine level for you – start with a low nicotine level if you’re new to using pouches, so that you can get a feel for the product.

• Keep the packaging closed after use to ensure your products last well.

• If taking your pouches abroad with you, check that they’re compliant with laws and regulations in the country you’re travelling to or through.


Nicotine pouches by VELO

VELO nicotine pouches are made from high quality, plant-based ingredients, including pharmaceutical grade nicotine, plant-based materials, water, flavourings and sweeteners.

All VELO products are designed and manufactured with your enjoyment and safety in mind, with the choice of different strengths and flavours


How to choose your Velo pouch

VELO nicotine pouches are available in seven nicotine strengths. You can identify the strengths of our nicotine pouches by using the handy dot system. The fewer the dots, the lower the nicotine level in the pouch. If you’re new to using pouches and are wondering how much nicotine in a pouch is right for you, we’d recommend you start at the lower end.

Meanwhile, VELO has 99% less toxicants than cigarettes*. All our nicotine pouches are tobacco-free**, so they’re a great alternative to smoking.

Find out more about VELO and view our products range in full.


*This product is not risk-free and contains nicotine, an addictive substance. 99% less toxicants than a cigarette comparison is based on an assessment of smoke from a scientific standard reference cigarette (approximately 9mg tar) and components released during use of a VELO pouch, in terms of the average of the 9 harmful components the World Health Organisation recommends to reduce in cigarette smoke.

**This product is not risk-free and contains nicotine, an addictive substance.

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